Paramedic Law - The first 50 rules

  1. You are not required to know everything

  2. You ARE required to know the foundational knowledge and skills of your job. No excuses.

  3. ALWAYS be nice, it's a force multiplier.

  4. There is no greater trust act of trust than being handed a sick child. Know your craft and train often.

  5. Earn that trust

  6. Don't ever lie to your patient. If you have to have a difficult conversation with a patient, learn to say it without lying

  7. READ Thom Dicks "People Care" and read it again

  8. You can fake competence with the public but not your co-workers

  9. Own your mistakes. We all make them, but only the honest and authentic own them

  10. Only when you learn to own your mistakes will you learn from them

  11. Experience is relative. Your degree, how much you paid for your degree doesn't matter when experience is required

  12. Proper use of a BVM is hard and takes practice

  13. OPA's and NPA's make using a BVM less difficult

  14. MASTER the physical assessment Nobody in the field of medicine should be able to rip your assessment skills apart

  15. Keep your head about you, keep calm. If you fail at this, things WILL go wrong

  16. There is a huge difference in not knowing and not caring. Care about the things you do not know yet

  17. Train like someone's life depends on it

  18. Drive like everybody's life depends on it. Remember, you have someone's life in your hands

  19. Pat the dog - it's soul-warming and will get you through a shitty day

  20. Have someone to talk to when your world comes crashing down

  21. Human tragedy will/should enhance the appreciation for all that you have (think COVID when everyone lost their jobs, you still had job security)

  22. Protect your back, it will quite possibly be the sole determining factor in the length of your career

  23. Say please and thank you even when it's a matter of life or death

  24. Wipe your feet at the door even if you are walking into squalor

  25. When you see that someone is particularly good at a skill, don't be envious, ask them to teach you how to do it too (You will be amazed at the improvement of your workplace relationships)

  26. There is no-one that can give you happiness or job satisfaction, that is completely up to you, choose it and own it

  27. You cannot be prepared for everything but know when to call back up when you are not

  28. YOU can be ready for almost everything

  29. Do a vehicle check before every shift and know your rig.

  30. Tell your patients that it was a pleasure to meet them and an honour to be of service

  31. Mean it

  32. Keep a journal and make it compliant with your governing body

  33. Thank the Police who hang out on a scene with you when they don't have to

  34. Interview for different positions every year even if you don't want the job

  35. Iron your uniform and always look professional

  36. Maintain the illusion of control even if you were not prepared for something that happened

  37. Apologise when you make a mistake and do it immediately

  38. Your patient name is not "honey" "sweetie" "love" "darling" "bud" "man" "babe". Use your patient's name when speaking to them. Sir and Ma'am are acceptable alternatives

  39. Forgive yourself for your mistakes - do not hold on to them and learn from them

  40. Be open to your coworker's quirks

  41. Exercise and lift weights - even when you don't feel like it

  42. Sometimes it's ok to eat fast food

  43. It's not ok to always eat fast food

  44. Don't take anything personally that a patient may say, they don't know you, they see a uniform - always remain professional

  45. Never take anything personally from a drunk patient, ever

  46. Don't convince yourself that you can always tell a fake seizure from a real one

  47. Carry your weight and try not to carry your patient, you need your back

  48. If Firefighters come and help you out, say thank you and mean it

  49. Being punched, kicked, spat on, choked is no different to being punched, kicked, spat on, choked at home or in a public place - INSIST that the Police deal with the matter appropriately and your Employer follow up on it with the appropriate action

  50. Wave at little kids, They will remember it for a long time

There are another 50 coming...

Thom Dick's People Care - Read it and read it again -

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