In the COVID19 ICU - a view by ICU Nurse Alvarro Sarria

In the COVID ICU, we use medications like vecuronium to completely paralyze your muscles so we can control every aspect of your breathing. So now you are paralyzed but we don't want you paralyzed while alert and awake, that would be inhumane. So we add at least 2 sedation medications. One is usually propofol (the one linked to Michael Jackson's death) and the other is fentanyl (the one linked to so many opioid overdose deaths).

Of note, all these medications usually go on an IV, but not on your arm like they would do in the emergency room, we put IVs right into your jugular. But hey, all this sedation also lowers your blood pressure and you need an adequate pressure for blood to reach your vital organs, like your kidneys, you don't want kidney failure.

So now you are on another medication called levophed to keep your blood pressure up. But being on all these medications while completely unable to move and with a tube down your throat... where do you get your nutrition from? So we put another tube down into your stomach, we put another tube in your urethra to make sure you are urinating.

Meanwhile your muscles are wasting away from being paralyzed, you are at an insanely high risk of infection because of all these tubes and IVs in places where they don't belong, your skin can breakdown due to prolonged contact pressure from being paralyzed, and you can develop heart rhythm irregularities as side effects of these medications, which now puts you at an increased risk of cardiac arrest and dying.

So when you are bitching about having to wear a mask, think of these patients I take care of. Already battling #covid19 with a pair of sick lungs, completely paralyzed, alone, sedated and fighting for their lives.

By Alvaro Sarria From inside an Arizona Hospital

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