Fitness Capacity Testing - Western Sydney University

Currently Im watching a Paramedicine Student and she is nervous as hell because she is about to do her Fitness Capacity Testing. We asked why she was nervous and she said it was testing conditions and she didn't want to fail. I want to tell you something, we are not here to fail you.

We are here to ensure that your fitness level is a standard where you are:

* Not a danger to yourself when on road doing your placement

* Not a danger to Paramedics who are your mentors or preceptors

* Not a danger to patients who are relying on you to help out

The last thing we want you to do is injure yourself. We want to see your fitness levels and see where we can help you improve. There are way too many shift workers who are off injured or sick. One of the most important factors is your mental health. If you are physically strong and feel fit and well, you will feel mentally strong to do your job and that's helping a community who rely on you.

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