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Tips and training on how to smash your Fit Test like a Fitness Pro

Fit Paramedic HQ

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We get it! Your nervous and want to just pass your Fit Tests but your flexibility could be better.  We have provided lots of videos on how & what to stretch.  Start now & your flexibility will be great for your Fit Test!


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Patient on Scale

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Body Composition

Weight alone is not a clear indicator of good health because it does not distinguish between kilos that come from body fat and those that come from lean body mass or muscle. Carrying too much fat puts a person at risk for many serious medical conditions including heart disease, diabetes and even certain forms of cancer. 


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Running Up the Stairs

Fit Test 3

Cardiovascular Fitness

The "3 Minute Step Test" estimates your cardiovascular fitness level based on your recovery to your normal heart rate after stepping on a box approximately 30cms in height for 3 continuous minutes. At 3 minutes, you will be asked to sit on the box & we will estimate your pulse in the 4th minute.  See our tips on improving your cardiovascular fitness for your step test & your future career


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Fit Test 4

Upper Body Strength

We understand that you are not going to go & plank at a patient's house or while working on a cadaver but this method will show us how strong you are in your upper body.  Start practising now.  Start on your knees in the modified position & stay in your plank position as long as you can.   Give it your 100% & you will improve daily.  There are 5 levels you have to reach to pass.  Download The Fitness Capacity Test from WSU now.


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Fit Test 5

Abdominal Strength

We also know that you will not get on the floor at a patient's house & do sit ups but your CORE strength is vital in your role as a Paramedic.  You will end up in places & positions that you cannot even imagine right now.  Trust us, you will need good CORE strength to perform your job & not become an injury statistic.  Start practising now.    


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The Physical Capacity Assessment

This assessment is one of the most important tests you will do in your career.

Why? You will not do sit ups or push ups on the job... why do you need to do them now?

Because I would need all of you to come & do just one shift with me to assess you & that's not possible so this is the most appropriate way for me to see if you are fit for placement & duty.

Let us break it down for you.

We are frontline Paramedics and our job is physically demanding.

We don't just rush off for the big jobs, throw cannula's in and BOOM.. life saved. 

Imagine going to patient after patient who has fallen on the floor/from building site 2nd story/from roof... (go on.. imagine)

Now imagine that you constantly have to lean over this patient to get to their other arm as they have a compound fracture/are ex-IVDU/have no arm and you missed the 1st cannula on the patient's good arm/only arm (now joke that you never miss.. you will, we all do)

Your back will feel strain and if your core strength is poor, you may feel a twinge to severe pain.  Maybe L4/L5/S1.  This is the most common Paramedic injury & we have seen it bring the "fittest" people down.  From Grads to Special Operations!

You will find yourself doing the same jobs over and over and if you do not look after yourself, you WILL become a statistic.  Let us assist you in avoiding injury.  

We have free plans and advice from world class fitness professionals who understand the job and it's requirements because we already do the job and have done for well over a decade.  We are not corporate 9-5er's who completed a 3 month course to tell you how to look after yourself.  This is not a drill or tick box exercise.

This is your life and your career.  

Please contact one of the Fit Paramedic HQ Team if you have a question or need assistance with your fitness, wellness or health.

Melissa Zimmerman

Founder and CEO