Fit Paramedic HQ Important Information

While we will do everything we can to facilitate the day and time you need, please understand that there are over 135 students that have to complete their Fit Test.  Get in now to book the spot you need.

Why can't I book my Fit Test online?

Because it's a dynamic process and things can change so easily AND we want to talk to you!

At Para Fit, we LOVE people - at 1.5 metres of course!  Simply pay then email us to book your spot, you can even advise which day and time you would like so we can try to slot you in there and then.

We are cool like that! 

If COVID hits again and postpones the Fit Test, will I get a refund?

No, we will simply rebook you so you can complete your Fit Test.

Will Fit Paramedic HQ be COVID safe at my Fit Test?

YES! There will be masks, hand sanitiser and we will wipe over everything thoroughly after every single student.  This is why we have also allowed a cleaning time of 15 minutes after every Fit Test.

We are Emergency Paramedics and fully understand the importance of hand hygiene and sanitising all of our equipment.  If you have concerns, email or call us anytime.

COVID and Fit Paramedic HQ

We are current, full time Paramedics and have been working from the start of the pandemic up until today and beyond.  We receive daily emails from NSW Health on how to clean, when to clean, when to wear masks and the path of the virus including hotspots and number of people affected.  This includes known traces and unknown.  We will ensure that you are always safe while doing your Fit Tests.  All of our equipment is cleaned thoroughly and over a space of 15 minutes.  We have allowed this 15 minutes of cleaning and that has unfortunately limited how many students we can fit in through the day but we will not squeeze in more and put anyone at risk. Our cleaning time. is important and we will take the time needed to ensure your safety.

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