About The Medic Fit Nutrition and Wellness Course

The Medic Fit Institute equips you with specialised knowledge and skills in nutrition and wellness.  We have designed our courses with a global focus on health, wellness and fitness for everyone.  We have extensive knowledge across the discipline of human health with an emphasis on evidence-based practice, constant research and study.  We now want to share with so many of our clients who have requested we run courses.  

Here it is.

When you speak, we always listen.

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Nutrition Fundamentals

Our Nutrition Fundamentals Modules will help you develop in-depth understanding of our major nutrition sources, metabolism & storage of major food molecules such as carbohydrates, proteins, fats, alcohol, (Macronutrients) vitamins & minerals (Micronutrients) plus understanding how crucial water is in our everyday life 

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Advanced Nutrition Protocols

Learn our Advanced Nutrition Protocols that we have been developing over decades.  We train high performance, professionals athletes therefore our Advanced Nutrition Protocols have been sought worldwide.  Our protocols have a 100% success rate for hitting predicted goals.

Preparing Healthy Food

We teach you

How nutrition really works.  No fads, just the latest research and evidence-based information.  We also paleo principles, intermittent fasting, carb-cycling and much more.


Advanced Nutrition Protocols 

Part two of our Advanced Nutrition Protocols is focused on lessons around ketogenic nutrition and reverse nutrition.  This is a crucial factor in learning how to start, maintain and build on nutrition platforms like a professional.

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Personalised Programming

It's almost an art form to personalise a client's nutrition.  Humans are all different.  We all have our own goals and the program you do for one person should not be given to the next.  Learn exactly how to program for a client's personal needs.  

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This is a hot topic right now and so it should be.  Plant-based nutrition has so many health benefits.  It's a cholesterol free, mineral rich way to eat.  Plant-based nutrition is also high in fibre and low in saturated fat.

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It's a Lifestyle

Having a fit body for purpose and having good health must be a lifestyle.  This does not mean that you cannot have the good things in life like a bit of chocolate or some wine with dinner.  We will show you how to lead others into leading a lifestyle that keeps them fit, active, healthy and free from illness like Type II Diabetes, Cholesterol etc

Staying Hydrated

More Important Life Stuff

Sleep, exercise, stress management, it's all equally number one as we focus on a global, holistic approach to Nutrition, Wellness and Health.  It's crucial and the long term benefits are pretty damn amazing.  We tell you everything.  

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Yes, it's got a bad rap and it shouldn't.  We will guide you to be able to recognise the right supplements.  There are great supps that benefit us and assist us to reach our health and fitness goals.  We never replace our minerals do we?  We should though and we will tell you what, when and why.

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Sports Programming

We love looking after athletes and have done so for well over 15 years.  Strength & Conditioning, Bodybuilding, Triathletes and the list goes on.  They are amazing, driven people and programming to meet their goals is important.  We show you how.