World Class Health, Fitness & Wellness Corporate Events

with founder of Fit Paramedic HQ

Melissa Zimmerman

Melissa Zimmerman - World Class Professional Athlete, Health and Wellness Ambassador, CEO of Fit Paramedic HQ and Front Line Paramedic. 


You can have Melissa speak at your corporate event and you are guaranteed to have your staff energised and see an increase is productivity with the support of Melissa and her corporate plans.  Receive tailored plans for your personnel post your corporate event.  Melissa holds team building exercises and the most relevant information for your personnel.  

Melissa's events are fun, constructive, empowering and inspirational

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Fit for Duty - Paramedics Australasia - Victoria Ambulance

This event was great, 50 front line Paramedics joined us to hear about how they can change the way they approach their own health, wellness and fitness and ways to combat mental fatigue whilst doing long hours.  Plans were sent out to participants and were successful.  The networking was fantastic and meeting other Paramedics who love their job was inspiring.

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Empower your Personnel

Giving back to your personnel is important, especially when they work hard for you.  Looking after the community is challenging and we all need to feel appreciated.  By holding a corporate event for your personnel, you give back and empower them.  It cant be clinical all the time, we need to address the health, fitness and wellness aspect of our roles.  

We can put together packages to look after your personnel and let them know that what they do is important.  Self worth and job satisfaction is key

are 2 things we know people want to experience daily.  

Let us help you make an impact on your personnel.